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Kelly's Journal

29th December, 2003. 11:59 pm. I'm back...

I just got back into LA from the Poconos and NYC region!

Jessica it was great seeing you!

So I need to know..

Does anyone have any idea what I can do for New Years Eve??

Current mood: anxious.

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22nd December, 2003. 3:16 pm.

Happy Birthday Chris Carmack!

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16th December, 2003. 10:01 am. *giggles*

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 _faith_hills a-chuckling.
11 bret_hedicans a-skipping.
10 fedorfedorovs a-bowing.
9 j_demarcuss a-singing.
8 jessica_dunphys a-typing.
7 john_mcbrides a-piping.
6 kchesneys a-hollering.
5 dark blue linds_kormans.
4 hugging martina_mcbrides.
3 Welsh tim_mcgraw_s.
2 rabbit tobykeiths.
And a urban_k in a blueberry tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

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11th December, 2003. 9:22 am. Is it allowed..

Ok..Country stars have their own must_be_country and porn stars have theirs..must_be_porn...

Once I get my code can I create the community of must_be_soaps for all the soap actors and actresses out here in LJ land?

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17th November, 2003. 8:05 am. Congratulations

Tim, Faith, and Toby on your wins last night @ the AMAs.


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5th November, 2003. 10:06 am. CMAs

and the nominees are...Collapse )

Expect an edit to this tomorrow with the winners all bolded.

Depending on how hard we all party tonight it might be a late edit.

Edited at 2:30 EST Novemeber 6.

Everyone looked and sounded spectacular last night!!

Current mood: awake.

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5th November, 2003. 7:54 am. I'm in Nashville..YEEHAW


Thanks Kenny for pickin me up last night.

Now I'm just kickin back at the hotel, in anticipation for tonight!

I'll see you all later!


Current mood: ecstatic.

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4th November, 2003. 1:14 pm. Flyin in to Nashville tonight..*grins*

Anyone gonna be able to meet me at the airport?



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3rd November, 2003. 9:53 am. and speaking of the CMAs

Do you all think this outfit would be appropriate??

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3rd November, 2003. 6:43 am. CMAs are Wednesday!!!

Good luck everyone.

And yes, due to some arm-twisting Kelly Monaco will be attending the show..

*big grins*

Love yas.


Current mood: anxious.

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